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Get Smoochy With Our First Lip Glitter Tutorial

Oct 03, 2018Janie Cameron

We're all about simple-to-create looks that make a statement, which is why we l-o-v-e lip glitter. It's a quick and easy way to up your sass level and stand out from the crowd. Perfect for those days when you need to let your extra self shine.

In the tutorial above, Shauntay starts with a light layer of foundation, groomed brows, and winged eyeliner, and adds a statement glitter lip to make her look pop. She starts by priming her lips to create a smooth base before applying the loose glitter with the sponge tip on the finishing wand. She then uses the other end of the wand to brush away excess glitter, and boom!

Unicorn Snot's Holographic Lip Glitter is made for your lips, but you can use it wherever you need a little sparkle. Think glitter brows, mesmerizing eyes, or a glitter butt. You do you, babe.

Keep an eye out for more tutorials coming soon.

A Quick + Easy How-To

Step 1. Apply primer to create a smooth base

Step 2. Add loose glitter over primer to cover lips

Step 3. Brush away excess glitter, and voila!

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