It's Target Time, Fam - Unicorn Snot

It's Target Time, Fam

May 21, 2020Aura Beza
We've got some crazy-wonderful news to share. If you follow us on Instagram you may have already heard but, as of this week, Unicorn Snot Sunscreen is on the shelves at Target! 

This kind of thing doesn't happen every day for small brands like ours and we just want to say thanks to all the amazing folks (like you!) who saw something special in us. For real. The reason Target found us in the first place was just good, old-fashioned word of mouth.

We know it's a strange time in the world right now and that there are lots of things going on that are way bigger than this. But it's also really nice to have something to celebrate and some good news to share with the people we love as we head into Memorial Day weekend.

It's sort of a test run, so keep your fingers crossed for us. We'll do same for you.
Have a great weekend everyone. And stay safe.

See you at Target.

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